965. Avoid “bo” (you) when speaking to elders

Instead you must repeat your elders’ name  or title 80 times in the same sentence, out of respect.

It goes something like this:

“Bontardi, senjora sa ku senjora su lusnan di outo ahhh… gewoon mi kera laga senjora sa?” = “Good afternoon ma’am, m’am is aware that ma’am’s car lights are on ahh… I just wanted to let ma’am know”

“Si wela, wela sa ku wela … Paso si wela a … te awero wela…” = “Yes grandmother, grandmother knows that grandmother should take a nap… Because if grandmother doesn’t… well I’ll see grandmother later…”

“Meneer mi mester buska meneer su sapatu, si meneer mes no por hanjanan, meneer mester pidi meneer su kasa buskanan” = “Sir has to look for sir’s shoes, if sir can’t find them, sir has to ask sir’s wife to look for them”

I can’t wait to become an “elder”, will be AWESOME to watch young-ins get all flustered and tongue-tied when they inadvertently drop a “bo”… !

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I'm Carolina Gomes-Casseres, the creator of 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao. I live in and love Manhattan, but sometimes miss my first Awesome island...

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