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  1. linda

    i love this, thanks for keeping us in touch with our “home”, dushi korsow

  2. Norman Salas

    I only see the list go to 899. Are we supposed to contribute or is this a process in the making. If so…how do we contribute ? Stellar work thus far !

  3. Hi Norman,

    The list is a work in progress. Feel free to email me your awesome ideas (text + photo / video etc) at!

    Tur kos bon,

  4. Ruth E. Regales

    What an enrichment and proud feeling we get by such info.about our beautiful, dushi KORSOW!
    Keep up this great and wonderful Job you’re doing!

    Ruth E.Regales

  5. Christl

    You know how when we truly like something we’re eating, we perk up the cheeks and circle it with one with the palm of the hand with a “Hmmm dushi”? My daughter came home telling me the teacher did just that in class, and she taught it was very cute. Unique to Curacao for sure!

  6. Carina

    “The Princess of the Caribbean” @ the beautiful B&B Blenchi!

  7. Annabelle Lenderink

    What, no post about PASTECHI??
    My absolute favourite snack as a child,wether it came from Toko Henderson when we went for groceries or, even better, when we ordered them special from a lady in the neighbourhood for parties.
    I haven’t lived in Curacao for more than 40 years and I now make my own.
    The spicy, a little sweet but unmistakably savoury filling wrapped in short crust, deep fried and served while still warm is addictive.

  8. The diving at the Waterfort Dive Center at the Arches of the Plaza Hotel is so fine. At the hotel beach , you can snorkel or scuba with a guide from the dive shop. Five great restaurants are in the historic arches & just one block from downtown. Everything is within walking distance..The Plaza Hotel is built on the site of a 1600 century fort.

  9. Vivian

    What about the island rum? Just came back from Curacao with 2 bottles of San Pablo Rum and one Ponchi Kuba, of course!

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