“As a big fan of Curaçao and off-the-beaten-path travel, I absolutely love this site!” – Steve Bennett, Editorial Director at ‘Uncommon Caribbean’

“You managed to bring out the beauty (50 shades of blue!) and special culture of the island (…) Congratulations for a job well done!” – Marco de Baar

“This website helps us revive our standards and values!” – Beatrice Martina-Goeloe

“Keep on pushing and extending the borders. Soon your spirit will be known to others of your generation and become part of their behavior as well.” – Gregory Elias

“Super cultureel, erg mooi. En een geweldig interessante, en modern vormgegeven encyclopedie van 1,000 awesome things.” – Narda Disnarda

“Thank you for this website. My husband and I fell in love with Curaçao during our first visit, and bought a house that week, six years ago. We can only spend about three months a year there (broken up into several visits) and I’m fascinated with learning more and more about the island, its people and culture, so your posts are always a welcome site in my email.” – Jean-Marie Taylor

“I just wanted to commend you on an awesome concept and great ongoing effort on the website. Your love and passion for Curaçao really shines through and is heartfelt. I hope you inspire more and more people to translate their love for Curaçao into positive concepts. Keep up the good work!” – Nigel Ignacio

Selected Testimonials on Specific Articles

“Very very fitting homage to one of the nicest, most well read, smartest and yet most down to earth, greatest men I had the pleasure of knowing. A veritable fountain of cultural and social information on Curacao, who will forever remind us of what is truly important in life…”  – Willy Maal (on #696. Curaçao Mourns the Loss of an Awesome Cultural Icon: Elis Juliana)

“AWESOME!! I have lived here for 3 years now and I can’t count the number of times I have passed, and admired, this mural – not knowing its meaning! Now, as I prepare my students at the International School for Siman di Kultura, I smile knowing how enriched my 5th graders will be thanks to this story and painting!” – Ryan Kummins (on #969. The Tale of Compa Nanzi and the Spotted Cow (Kompa Nanzi i e Baka Pintá)

“I loved reading the phrase ‘Those sand covered floors leave you with a sense of all the silent history contained within its walls.’ The descriptions of why the sand came to be there in the first place also moved me and made me feel so connected to my ancestors. From the practical (drying muddy shoes) to the symbolic (Sinai desert) to the Biblical (God’s promise to Abraham), these interpretations are indeed replete with silent history.” – Gerard Edery (on #677. Curaçao’s Sephardic Synagogue’s Sand Floor)


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