List of Awesome Things

1000. Barika Hèl (Yellow Belly)

999. Flamboyán (Flamboyant)

998. Sous di Pinda (Peanut Sauce)

997. Dushi

996. Our Beloved Language, Papiamentu

995. Tambú (Part 1 of 6)

994. Guiambo ku Funchi (Okra Soup and Polenta)

993. Chichi by Serena Israel

992. Awesome Sunsets Set to Waltz

991. Kibracha “Ax-Breaker” Blossoms (Yellow Poui)

990. Papiamentu Orthography: Rilèks

989. Shaved Ice and “Tip Top” on a Hot Day

988. Rasta Bals (Rasta Gum)

987. Jaloezie di Bentana (Jealousy Blinds)

986. Delicious Sour-yet-Sweet Tamarein (Tamarind)

985. The Chiiiiieewww: Sound of Female Irreverence

984. Maggi (All-Purpose Magic Sauce)

983. Watch Out Hollywood!

982. Kareda di Buriko (Run of the Donkeys)

981. Our ‘Snoa’ is the oldest Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere (Part 1)

980. Tumba 1992: Peter van der Pligt Kumpli Kuné

979. Totèki also known as Kaku

978. Do NOT Pass or Spill Salt.

977. Baby Names (Part 1)

976. Don’t Forget Your Doily!

975. King Neptune!

974. Netto Bar’s World Famous Rom Bèrdè

973. Remember the water sports rental shack…

972. Bala di Késhi (Fried Dutch Cheeseballs)

971. Record-Breaking Rookie: Jurickson Profar

970. Papia Awesome Dictionary (Part 1)

969. The Tale of Compa Nanzi and the Spotted Cow

968. Heineken World Bottle “WOBO”: From Beer to Bricks!

967. Rúps di Oleánder

966. Shimaruku

965. Avoid “bo” (you) when addressing elders

964. Agua Maravilla (Miracle Water)

963. Dare to be a Daniel (De Leon)

962. “Bati Bleki”. We love pounding on cans!

961. We learn our very first words in song!

960. Chupabèbè (“Suck and Drink”) by KiT

959. Tambú: The Church (Part 2 of 6)

958. Pacho the Great Enviro-Portrait-Painter

957. “Bekita” by Elis Juliana, Gentleman and Poet

956. Phew. We’re NOT located in the Hurricane Zone!

955. We miss you, “Orange” Juice di Ritz!

954. Arepa di Pampuna (Pumpkin Fritters)

953. Beware of Flies!

952. Awesome Nail Art

951. CliniClowns

950. We “sing” birthday cake for a very long time

949. On Love in Papiamentu (Part 1)

948. Pearls of Wisdom in Salsa Antillana

947. POP

946. Palu di Lechi (Cryptostegia Grandiflora)

945. Curaçao by Heske Levisson Zelermyer

944. Bolo di Kashipete (Cashew Nut Cake)

943. Most Popular TV Commercial of the 80s and 90s

942. We wear Camphor squares during cold season

941. Mulinas (Windmills) pump groundwater and dot our island

940. “Curaçao”

939. (Arguably) the most famous building on the island

938. Tambú: The Dance (Part 3 of 6)

937. Don’t put your purse on the floor!

936. Wear green! (you’ll see what I mean)

935. 23-Bell Carillon in Gomez Plein (Punda)

934. Random Street Names

933. Our Best-Selling Gum: Wrigley’s PK

932. Psssssstttttttt…

931. Highlight of drive back from the West Point of the island

930. Can’t forget Pika!

929. We love / hate San Antonio

928. Nos ta bebe Malta Amstellll

927. “Jumbala den bo Bèshi” by Macay Prudencia

926. Chinese (salted) plums

925. Rain delays are patriotic

924. Introducing: the MULTON.

923. Kuenta i Tambú (“Stories and Drums”)

922. 1962 Curaçao Candidates tournament

921. Tuna di Baka (Cow’s Tuna)

920. Wheel Cheese Boat

919. Anne Marie Braafheid

918. We don’t bother with Mars and Venus

917. “Familiarismo” all around

916. “Wak e saka su dòria pegá!”

915. Captain Goodlife

914. Awesome Chubatu (Billy Goat)

913. Bon Siman!!!

912. Shon Andrés Albert

911. Nelson Carrilho’s Mama Baranka

910. Curaçao’s (Venezuelan) Floating Market

909. Papia-Español: Carmen by Pachi Damon

908. Most Colorful… in the WORLD!

907. “Blous” yourself against Evil Eye

906. Kunuku House & Cactus Fence

905. “Lastra Riba Tapa” Bike Racing

904. In Curaçao, We Recycle Everything… Even Piss Pans (Port-a-Potties)

903. Dama di Anochi (Lady of the Night)

902. The ideal end of an Awesome party…

901. Our Awesome Warawara (Bird of Prey)

900. We LOVE Kris Berry’s voice!

899. Shete Boka, our breathing holes

898. Zakinzá, zakinzá. Carpenter above King

897. Baby got back and NO self-esteem issues!

896. Full Moon Parties at Kokomo Beach!

895. Our Multi-Functional Kalbas (Calabash)

894. The Amazing Talent of José Maria Capricorne

893. First Female Percussion Instrument Maker: Tatiana Saturnino-Felix

892. Djus di Tamarein (Tamarind Juice)

891. Funchi! (Cornmeal a la Kòrsou)

890. Papia Awesome Dictionary (Part 2)

889. Culture Week at Johan van Walbeeck School!

888. What to order at the Snèk? (Outdoor Bar)

887. Chavez’ brave opponent has Curaçao roots

886. Majestic Makuaku (Frigate Birds)

885. Randy Leroy taking “Ritmo” global

884. Andre Nagtegaal’s Colorful, Whimsical World

883. Baby Names (Part 2)

882. Flan also known as Quesillo (Crème Caramel)!

881. Our words move… like you wouldn’t believe

880. 7 Lucky Rules (Part 1)

879. Jetro Willems

878. Queen Juliana crowning Saint Anna

877. Jury Winners at 1st Film Festival

876. Papiamentu Orthography Lifesaver!

875. The Most Awesome Plunge

874. Legendary Goalie Ergilio Hato (Pantera Negra)

873. Confuse your senses at Mundo Bizarro

872. SenteBibu: Live to be 100!

871. Curaçao Elections. May the best party win!

870. The CSA helps score many (life) goals

869. The Founders of the “Kabei Duru” Community

868. Scandalous first documents in Papiamentu!

867. Family Mogen’s Komedor Krioyo

866. Fiesta di San Juan

865. Tutu (Black-eyed Pea Mush)

864. Amstel Curaçao Race

863. Playa PortoMari = Perfection!

862. Mi Lucha’s (My Struggle) Dairy-free Ice Cream

861. 12 Awesome Things About Williwood

860. Sketches of Curaçao Wisdom (Part 1)

859. E Solo di Pueblo (The People’s Sun)

858. We Grow Pornographic Trees

857. Curaçao is Home to Approximately 2,000 Sindhis from India!

856. Sustainable Fences

855. We Sell Fish (Here)

854. Sòpi di Banana (Plantain Soup)

853. Vurnon Anita

852. Barry Brown’s Awesome Driftwood Creations

851. Alton Paas: One Step at a Time

850. “Green” Car Washing

849. Photographer of All Things Awesome: Bea Moedt

848. Magic Johnson + LA Lakers Basketball Clinics

847. The Great Enviro-Sculptor Yubi Kirindongo

846. English Movies Dubbed in Spanish!

845. Master “Perculturalist” Pernell Saturnino

844. Sketches of Curaçao Wisdom (Part 2)

843. Miss Holland Hearts Curaçao!

842. De Fles (The Bottle) Salad

841. “Six to Eight” Colorful Men and Women

840. Confessions of a Curaçao Street Artist

839. Swimming with Horses

838. 57 years of Netto Bar… and still going strong!

837. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

836. Aged Gouda (or Old Amsterdam) Cheese Pudding

835. St. Willibrordus Church

834. Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam

833. We get straight to the point.

832. Our Kitchens Drive Mosquitoes Insane

831. “Curaçao Dream”: Leonard B. Smith

830. Palabra di Siman (Word of the Week)

829. Fresh Datu (or Kadushi?)

828. Banana Hasá (Fried Plantains)

827. The Making of a (Carnival) Costume Designer

826. Bounty Adventures*

825. 10 Awesome Things about Sinterklaas

824. Sketches of Curaçao Wisdom (Part 3)

823. Ko’i Lechi (Milk Things a.k.a Milk Fudge)

822. Spa Without Walls

821. All-Natural Local Artist Evelien Sipkes

820. Fuik Dag “To Do” List

819. Belly Button Burial

818. Our Air Conditioner in a Bottle!

817. Amstel Bright

816. Keshi Yená (Stuffed Cheese)

815. Crazy Friendly Twin (Divers) with Serious Passion*

814. “Ieder kind een kerstcadeau”

813. Live Nativity Scene in Montanja

812. La Mejor Ayaka La Hace Mi Abuela!

811. Chichi is Whatever You Want Her to Be

810. Oliebollen (“Oily Balls”)

809. Sensia pa un Próspero Anja Nobo (Incense for a Prosperous New Year)

808. Landsloterij Bièchi (Milionario)!

807. New Year’s Pagara Parties

806. New Year’s Klapchi (Fireworks)

805. UNOX Nieuwjaarsduik (New Year’s Dive)

804. Roberto Pinedo: the Great Recycle Artist

803. The Most Awesome Couple in Curaçao

802. Fuikdag 2013!

801. Stobá à la Yaki (Krioyo Stewed Beef à la Yaki)

800. (Many, many) Awesome Things About Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival!

799. Lovely Third Oldest Papiamentu Text (1783)

798. From Menacing Lionfish to Delicious Liondish

797. World’s Best Beach + Most Colorful Town! Boom!

796. Multi-Colored Sloping Homes: Berg Altena 12-28

795. Ride for the Roses Curaçao

794. Festival di Tumba 2013

793. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has nothing on us!

792. Arepa Stand on Caracasbaaiweg

791. Buki di Bristol

790. Governor Albert Kikkert’s “Migraine Headaches”

789. Tata di Tumba: Anselmus ‘Boy’ Dap

788. Our Teduki Returns… Better Than Ever!

787. Sketches of Curaçao Wisdom (Part 4)

786. Even Our Horses Heart Carnival!

785. Our Dutch Royalty

784. Club Social… ¡Inconfundíble!

783. Super Serene ‘La Ola Surfclub’

782. Balchi di Piská (Fish Balls) ku Sous Krioyo!

781. “Real Different” Heineken Regatta

780. We Run The Most Successful Wind Farms in the Caribbean

779. Francis O’Connor: Youthful Idealism CAN Make A Big Difference

778. Baby Names (Part 3)

777. We Lock-in Front-Row Seats to Our Carnival Parade

776. “All-Inclusive” Quadrilingual Signs

775. Serka Norman (Norman’s)

774. 5 Lessons from our Legendary Guitarist Julian Coco

773. Faya Lobi (Fiery Love)

772. Epitomy of Class: Sir Hensley “Bam-Bam” Meulens

771. Best of Children’s Carnival Parade 2013

770. Kala (Black-eyed Pea Fritters)

769. Carnival Costume Designer: Maja Atalita-Vervuurt

768. Best of Carnival di Banda Bou 2012/2013

767. The Evolution of Sculptor Helen Martina

766. Our Proverbial Cats (Gran Marcha 2013)

765. Our ‘Burning Man’ Momo

764. Romance Krioyo

763. Romantic Playlist Krioyo

762. Romantic Dates Krioyo Style

761. Happy Valentine’s Day from Curaçao’s 10 Most Awesome Couples…

760. Best of Carnival 2013 (Gran Marcha) Part 1

759. Best of Carnival 2013 (Gran Marcha) Part 2

758. (Modernist Design Icon) Rietveld’s Monseigneur Verriet Institute

757. In Celebration of International Mother Language Day…

756. Papia Awesome Dictionary (Part 3)

755. Kuaresma (Lent) = Carnival in the Sky

754. Awesome Signs and Headlines

753. Our 4 New Ramsar Sites

752. Milon di Seru (Melon of the Hills)

751. Pinda Herrrébé! Pinda Herrrébé!

750. 7 Lucky Rules (Part 2)

749. 8 Fierce Female Voices

748. Female Head Art: Lensu di Kabes

747. Sòpi di Galinja (Chicken Soup)

746. Kas di Tabla (Clapboard Houses)

745. Our Swinging Old Lady: Queen Emma

744. Pan Será (‘Closed’ Bread)

743. Our ‘Hollywood Muiz’ Pallet Board Soccer Arena

742. 10 Awesome Things About Our Magical 2013 World Baseball Classic

741. Enith Brigitha: First Black Olympic Champion Swimmer (1976)

740. Boyo or Bolo di Pan (Bread Pudding)

739. Feliz Pasku di Resurekshon! With Love from Curaçao (Part 1)

738. Feliz Pasku di Resurekshon! With Love from Curaçao (Part 2)

737. Passover Charoset and Bolo Pretu (Bride’s Fruit Cake)

736. Our World-Class Tennis Player: Jean-Julien Rojer

734. Our Surreal Phosphorescent Blue Room

733. Sketches of Curaçao Wisdom (Part 5)

732. Global Heads Decorated by our Strong Female Hands

731. Drought in our Nature

730. Our Awesome Thanksgiving Parade: Seú

729. Our Spirit Reverberates through Kachu di Baka (Cow’s Horn)

728. Our Sorghum Grows Against the Grain

727. Our Blanket of Snow, Beyísima

726. Kadushi (Candle Cactus) Soup

725. ‘Pinda pa Kaminda’ (Peanuts for the Road)

724. Our Awesome Street Artist, Garrick Marchena

723. The Photo of the Flying Boy

722. Kibrahacha (Ax-Breaker) Season

721. Curacao’s Budding Travel Entrepreneurs

720. Our Olympic Bobsled Team

719. Our Oldest Tree

718. Our Amazing Record-Breaking Kite

716. The Multi-Cultural Spirit ‘Curaçao of Curaçao’

715. Curacao = “Best Caribbean Island for Foodies”… Don’t Miss Indonesian Rijsttafel

714. Gourmet Caribbean Comfort Food at Landhuis Misjé

713. We ALL Match on Queen’s Day (April 30)

712. Unparalleled Adrenaline Rush: KiteSurfing in Curaçao

711. Baby Names (Part 4)

710. Mindful Renaissance Yogi Linguist: Leo Floridas

709. Zanolinos’ Psychedelic Banda Bou Trip

708. Skèmpi is Revolutionizing Dutch Caribbean Music Distribution

707. E is for Ee-eh!

706. You’ve lived in Curacao when… (Part 1)

705. Our Laraha’s Bitter Smell of Success

704. Catholic Churches of Curaçao

703. ‘Peaceful Conflict’ in Multi-Culture and Contrast

702. Saté ku Batata (“Krioyo Chinese” Satay and Potatoes)

701. Our Top Secret Beach in Caribbean

700. Keisha Wiel’s Maternal Great-Grandmothers

699. Sunny Child(hood) in Curaçao

698. “Bo’i Palu in China” by Curaçao Artist Francis Sling

697. Crazy Euphoric High School Graduation in Curaçao

696. Curaçao Mourns the Loss of an Awesome Cultural Icon: Elis Juliana (1927 – 2013)

695. You’ve lived in Curaçao when… (Part 2)

694. Protégé Ariadne Faries’ Reflections on Curaçao’s Beloved Duo: Pater Paul Brenneker and Elis Juliana

693. The Kura Hulanda Museum Traces Curaçao’s African Roots and Dark Legacy of Slave Trade

692. Tula, Nel Simon and Rignald Recordino: Breaking Our Chains

691. The Longest Painting… in the World?!

690. 7 Awesome Facts About Curaçao’s Flag

689. Mi Tera (My Land) by Philip A. Rademaker

688. Curaçao Cares: Volunteer as a Way of Life

687. The First Opera in Papiamentu: Katibu di Shon (Slave and Master)

686. Johnny Cakes a.k.a Journey Cakes

685. First Pro Freestyle Windsurfing Wizard from Curaçao: Rafa de Windt

684. Izaline Calister’s “Geen Liefde Zonder Vrijheid” (No Love Without Freedom)

683. Behind the Scenes of “Tula: The Revolt” with Lysayé de Windt

682. Bòmbòshi: One Awesome Word, Many Meanings

681. Kashu (di) Sürnam in Curaçao = Curaçaosche Appel in Suriname

680. Curaçao is Home to Approximately 2,000 Sindhis from India!

679. Our Awesome Ka’i Orgel (Music Box) Tradition

678. Curaçao is #2 on Google’s New Underwater Map!

677. Curaçao’s Sephardic Synagogue’s Sand Floor

676. Huge Hawksbill Sea Turtle Lays Eggs at Playa Lagun

675. Baby Names (Part 5)

674. Curaçao Goes Back to School in Style!!!

673. Curaçao’s YouTube Sensation: Captain Alex Alberto

672. Substation Curaçao

671. Valerie Parisius: Putting the ‘Cure’ in Curaçao

670. Salsa Giants at Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival 2012: Para Celebrar!

669. “Nini’s Driftwood Art” with Love from Curaçao

668. Curaçao’s Awesome Relay Team

667. Curaçao’s ‘Super Boys’ of Summer

666. Sketches of Curaçao Wisdom (Part 7)

665. You’ve lived in Curaçao when… (Part 3)

664. Don’t Mess with Curaçao’s High School Students

663. Pizza Hut Pizza… with Dutch Cheese!

662. Ephrem J: First Curaçaoan to break the Billboard Top 10!

661. Curaçao’s Slugger Coco Balentien = Japan’s Home Run King

660. Curaçao’s Most Eligible Bacholerette: Kizzy McHugh

659. Artist Ariadne Faries’ “Being Curaçao” Photo Series Part 1

658. Curaçao’s Deva-dee Siliee: Top Model, Role Model, Model Citizen

657. Curaçao’s Palu di Sia (Saddletree) / Gum Tree

656. Curaçao’s Multi-Ethnic Menu

655. Artist Ariadne Faries’ “Being Curaçao” Photo Series Part 2

654. Royal Feedback for Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival 2013

653. Curaçao’s Mulato Collective: Ethnic Soul

652. The Curaçao Name Generator

651. You’ve lived in Curaçao when… (Part 4)

650. Kokada (Curaçao-style Coconut Candy)

649. Travel Vlogger Mickela Mallozzi Dances her way through Curaçao!

648. Curaçao’s Lysa De Windt: Changing the World One Photograph at a Time

647. ‘Downtown Traveler’ Leslie Koch on Awesome Curaçao Street Art

646. Curaçao’s Chopin: Wim Statius Muller

645. ’1000 Awesome Things about Curaçao’ goes to School!

644. Curaçao’s Cookie Monster Goes Viral

643. Curaçao Icon: Drought-Resilient Deer

642. Curaçao’s Most Beloved Musician Rudy Plaate

641. Seen in Awesome Curaçao Barbershops and ‘Kapsalons

640. Where the Curaçao Food Magic happens

639. Ode to Papiamentu by Philip A. Rademaker

638. Instituto Buena Bista Incubates Curaçao’s Future Artists

637. Curaçao is an Underwater Dream Thanks to CARMABI

636. ‘P’ for Papiamentu and …

635. Curaçao Cleans Up 0.5 Million Kilograms of Trash

634. The Next Ozzie Smith: Curaçao’s Andrelton Simmons

633. Join TeamCARE: Curaçao Animal Rescue and Education

632. Welcome to the 21st Century, Sinterklaas and Pete!

631. Curaçao’s Julia Child: May Voges

630. Curaçao’s Favorite Candy: Black Licorice (Dutch Drop)

629. Curaçao’s Awesome Street Name Committee

628. Curaçao’s Patient Champion: Ibi Zimmerman

627. Curaçao’s Capital Willemstad = Amsterdam in the Tropics

626. Willemstad Among Top 5 Cities in the Caribbean [Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards]

625. Curaçao’s MAJOR Baseball Year

624. We Have Big Butts and We Cannot Lie

623. 10 Awesome Curaçao-inspired Halloween Costumes

622. You’ve lived in Curaçao when… (Part 5)

621. Curaçao is the ONLY Country in the World with Ç in Name

620. 100,000+ Global Facebook Fans for Curaçao!

619. Curaçao’s Awesome Mangrove Project

618. Blenchi ta Chupa Flor, Chupa Flor, Chupa Flor

617. Curaçao’s 6 ‘Universal’ Beauties

616. Baz Dreisinger’s “Curaçao After Dark / With Curaçao’s Music You Can Hear The Cultural Mix” in the New York Times

615. Ryan De Jongh: ‘Challenges are a Celebration, my Gift to Curaçao’

614. ‘The Art People’ Spotlight Curaçao Artist Giovani Zanolino

613. Dutch Royalty Mania

612. Curaçao’s Pasty Pieternelle, World Dancer Extraordinaire

611. Curaçao’s Aretha Franklin: Shirma Rouse

610. ‘Sand and Stilettos’: Curaçao’s Most Charismatic Concierge

609. Tradition with a Twist: Kuenta i Tambú

608. Curaçao Baby Names (Part 6)

607. Curaçao’s Swinging Old Lady All Lit Up And Ready to PARTAY

606. Ponche Crema (‘Punch with Creme’) for the Holidays

605. ‘Pan de Jamón’ for the Holidays

604. You’ve lived in Curaçao when… (Part 6)

603. Curaçao’s ‘Forbidden’ New Year’s Tradition

602. Curaçao Has Moves You Wouldn’t Believe

601. Hang Out with 3 Awesome Curaçao Locals

600. 12 Things Curaçao Expats Can’t Leave Curaçao Without

599. Happy 10th Birthday, Ride for the Roses Curaçao!

598. SMOC’s Passionate Pursuit: Cleaner Air for Curaçao

597. Maarten Schakel: Curaçao’s King of the Street 2014

596. Curaçao: A Fashion Blogger’s Dream!

595. Curaçao Does NOT Do Rain

594. Curaçao’s Randhy Cuevas at the Top of his Game

593. Curaçao’s Surprise Visitor… A Humpback Whale!

592. 10 Lessons from Walid Samandar, the Visionary Behind ‘Amnesia Curaçao

591. CNN Rates Klein Curaçao ‘Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret Beach’

590. Curaçao’s MLB Pioneer Hensley Meulens: ‘A True Man of the World

589. Percussionist Roël Calister’s Ingenious Straddle of Europe and the Caribbean

588. The Creator of “Curaçao’s Coffee”: Cedric Sprock

587. Top Award-Winning Curaçao Oncologist Bob Pinedo

586. 10 Things To Know About World Cup 2014 Pride of Curaçao: Leroy Fer

585. Curaçao is Ranked 2nd Best Caribbean Island by USA Today Readers

584. The House of Six Doors by Patricia Selbert

583. Curaçao’s Awesome Social Sports Entrepreneur: Thakai Doran

582. Curaçao Concierge’s 10 Tips for Active, Healthy Travelers

581. Tony Montana Music’s ‘Bala’ Breaks Curaçao’s YouTube Record @ 3M Views!

580. New York Magazine Recommends Curaçao for Winter Travel

579. Curaçao: A Shtetl in the Caribbean

578. Dynamic Skèmpi Duo: Gino Jacobs and Boudino de Jong


  1. jelca

    I agree but miss Dividivi. Must have overlooked?

  2. yoshi

    A few days ago I was wondering if you can do a topic about all the radio jingles.
    Mas 99?
    Bo trai merdia?

    There are a lot, and a lot nice ones as well.


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