Curaçao is one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse places on earth, home to incredibly creative, resourceful, athletic, entrepreneurial and altruistic people. We have plenty of things to celebrate… maybe even 1000!

Founded by Carolina Gomes-Casseres in September 2012, 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao (‘1000 ATAC’) highlights awesome aspects of ‘Curaçao’ on a regular basis. Topics are crowdsourced among a team of 20+ knowledgeable Curaçaoans and content is written and curated by Carolina.

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Also, please feel free to contribute to our list by submitting your awesome ideas.

Special thanks to Amigoe Express newspaper [daily circulation: 5K] and Go Weekly magazine [weekly circulation: 15K] for printing our posts.

Special thanks to King Ocean for sponsoring posts #650-550.

Special thanks to journalist Jeroen Jansen for this beautiful review.


  1. awesome website, dushi bo ta hasi!

  2. Ancela Regales

    Carolina, I’m proud of you!!
    This is an awesome contribution to let the world learn more about our dushi Korsou!

  3. Lucille Berry-Haseth

    Carolina, I wish your-great grandmother were here to enjoy this. Pabien!

  4. Hello!Thanks a lot for following our blog http://www.pinchofadventure.wordpress.com!Looking forward to read your posts!

  5. I’ve met you very recently, but I already love you! I’ m interested in your country’s geography ,which fascinates me,as well as in your history , customs and beliefs…..thank you for all!

  6. Ernst Numann

    E ta hopi leueueueuk!

  7. Annemarie Voorn

    Amazing website! I love it! My home, my Dushi Korsou. Danki!

  8. marion

    You took me right back there! Hopi bon!!

  9. Alexmarie Alberto

    Thank you for making this. With this you are highlighting the positive and beautifull things about the Island and a special thanks for post #673 which is about my father. THANK YOU!!!

  10. Jim

    It’s August 2017 and this is still a great site about Curacao travel

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