929. Curaçao’s Love / Hate Relationship with Sarantonio (Saint Anthony)

Saint Anthony is the most popular saint on Curacao. Commonly known as “Sarantonio” or “Toni”, his image or statue is richly decorated with fruits, bread and sometimes even bottles of Rum. He tends to over-promise and under-deliver and likes  to have fun. He might sometimes helps you through struggles and sadness, but only if you ask nicely.

Once a year we Lele Toni (bribe Toni) by gathering all sorts of goodies and singing and dancing around Toni. But, evidently, you can’t just pop in uninvited…

According to Larry, even Jewish people ask San Antonio to help them find lost items!
Thing is, Toni is known to be greedy, so he won’t always grant your wishes… So we tend to punish him by kidnapping his baby or putting him out in the blazing hot sun, facing a corner… Some even drown him.
Word has it that Lisa’s grandmother would decapitate him and only glue back his head when he delivered on his promise. (My kind of lady!)
Louis Philippe remembers seeing San Antonio turned upside down until he delivers on his promises… if we could only treat our bosses and politicians this way!!!

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Hi! I'm Carolina Gomes-Casseres, the creator of 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao. I live in Manhattan but sometimes miss my first awesome island. Thanks for visiting!

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