919. Miss Curaçao Makes History

Miss Curaçao Anne Marie Braafheid 1st Runnerup 1968 Miss Universe.

1st EVER black top 5 finalist at Miss Universe pageant.


Many were disappointed about Anne Marie’s loss to Miss Brazil Martha Vasconcellos, particularly because she had been the top scorer throughout the competition.  Anne Marie’s 1st Runnerup title led to massive complaints and protests around the world… African American soldiers in Vietnam even threatened to walk.

It wasn’t until 1977 that the world would crown a black Miss Universe (Janelle Commissiong from Trinidad & Tobago)

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  1. Ossandra Lewis - Nieuw

    Anne Marie Braafheid is a true Miss Universe (1st runner up) the way she has been during the years. her beauty, her character, her work, everywrhere! Anne Marn is a living example of beaty inside and outside. I am glad i have worked with her at Schotborgschool Koraal Specht Curaçao. Sandra Lewis – Nieuw

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