842. This Salad

Tasha writes:

“One of my favorite places to eat in Curaçao is Restaurant De Fles, near Post 5 (on Schottegatweg West, facing the oil refinery). Growing up my parents used to take us there all the time! We absolutely LOVED their salad! We called it “De Fles Salad”. Luckily my mom has mastered the art of deciphering “De Fles Salad”. Just the right ratio of garlic, basil, mint and lamunchi (lime)! This is now the staple go-to salad in our home.”


2 large cucumbers, peeled, seeded and cut in cubes

6 very red tasty tomatoes cut in cubes same size as cucumbers

2 garlic cloves diced really small

8 fresh large basil leaves, sliced really thin

8 fresh large mint leaves, sliced really thin

1 large lamunchi (lime), juiced


Olive Oil

Mix the cucumbers and tomatoes in a bowl with the basil and mint. Mix the lamunchi juice, salt, garlic and olive oil in a little bowl. Mix the salad with the dressing a few minutes before serving. Ps: if you mix too far in advance it becomes very watery (the salt does that)

Tasha’s “De Fles Salad” made in Arnhem, Netherlands.

“De Fles” is always a treat: our baby boom parents relive their adolescence (place used to be a popular night club in the 60s). We all devour delicious and very affordable lomito ku batata (tenderloin with thick french fries), “De Fles Salad”

Don’t forget the maggi ku pika!

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