838. Netto Bar

Source: Netto Bar’s Facebook page.

Intensely dedicated to his bar and best known by his nomber chikí, Netto retired only after his health started deteriorating at 87. But he never let go of Netto Bar_Rom Berdehis dream. Even after retirement he continued to have one of his daughters drive him into Otrobanda, to admire his beloved bar, located in Breedestraat across our Landsloterij, he’d greet patrons, make sure his soccer memorabilia was hanging in the right spots, check if the bar was well-stocked with his famous green concoction Ròm Bèrdè — until he passed away 2 years later in 2002 — 6 months before Netto Bar’s 50th birthday.

Jesus “Chu” Zimmerman (Netto’s prodigy) keeps pouring Ròm Bèrdè (on the rocks, mixed in fresh coconut water!) to this very day. He welcomes people of all walks of life, races, religions, and is deliberate about greeting website visitors in all 4 languages (Papiamentu, Dutch, English, Spanish). The Bar is still decked out in soccer fanfare (collected by various patrons over the years), Curaçao memorabilia, photographs of our Dutch royalty…  and constantly filled with quirky, spunky personalities… looking for great conversation, delicious cold drinks, lively music and light laughs.

Jesus M.E Zimmerman (a.k.a Chu)

Don’t miss “Huki di Doe” (Doe Willems’ corner) — another pillar of Otrobanda society of the insurance kind — and one of Netto’s closest friends, he’d drop by and have a drink or two every afternoon after work until he passed away in 2002.

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