819. Belly Button Burial

We don’t really refer to ourselves as Curaçaoans (like Americ”ans”, Arub”ans” etc) instead we’re yu’i Kòrsou literally “children of Curaçao”. We have a physical and spiritual bond with our birthplace, because it’s “kaminda nos lombrishi ta derá.” (= where our belly button, e.g. our umbilical chord, is buried) Sometimes our placenta is buried along with our umbilical chord, effectively turning  Curaçao (soil) into our spiritual mother.

Since most yu’i Kòrsou are born to displaced immigrants (Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese Jews, West Africans, South Asians etc), our belly button burial ritual expresses a feeling of belonging… our fate is forever connected to that of our awesome native island.

Though we’d like to claim this ritual as our own, belly buttons are also buried in Jamaica, Virgin Islands, and Suriname (among others)

Kaminda mi lombrishi ta dera

Artist: Anguine Hodge.

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I'm Carolina Gomes-Casseres, the creator of 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao. I live in and love Manhattan, but sometimes miss my first Awesome island...


  1. Carlene Rico Peterson

    Hesu Yu’i Korsow ta dushi hende.Aunke mi lombroshi ta dera na Boneiru, un lugar ku mi ta stima hopi, pa ami Korsow ta keda uniko.

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