783. Curaçao’s La Ola Surfclub

Accessible by way of Koraal Tabak (north coast of Curaçao), the rugged, secluded coastal landscape is perfect for adventurous mountain bikers, ATV aficionados and drag racers, but veteran (wind)surfer, snowboarder, surf instructor, Jeroen Eikelenboom, saw great wave-surfing potential at the very mouth of St. Joris Bay.  So Jeroen set out to clear a large wabi bush and weed-infested cliff plateau… by setting a few pallet boards on fire, slowly but surely creating what is now La Ola Surfclub… Entirely out of recycled materials (drift wood, pallet boards, tires, tarp) Even vintage McDonald’s benches make a special appearance… “I grew up going to Albert Schweitzer Elementary School… and the delicious hamburger smell from across the street kept haunting me for years!” says Jeroen.

Jeroen, Sonja and their 3-month old son, Galon.

Jeroen, Sonja and their 3-month old son, Galon.

The waves can get pretty intense during surfing season (December – May), so the less adventurous, like myself, can rent brand-new SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boards and kayaks from Jeroen’s wife, Sonja, a shoo-in for life coach and zen yoga instructor. Remain inside St. Joris Bay where the tide is more manageable and rest at secluded private beaches, maybe even spot a Makuaku (Frigatebird) at Makuaku island!

Jeroen and Sonja try to keep La Ola as low-key and eco-friendly as possible… So don’t expect a generator or flushing toilet (think kitty liter)! But  they do have access to a motor boat, just in case.

Give Jeroen and Sonja a call ahead of time to schedule your visit (515-2550). Feel free to bring some cold beer and BBQ meat for after your surf / kayak / paddle board session… You’re always welcome to chill out and enjoy the view… just be prepared for some seriously windblown hair 🙂

Boca di St. Joris La Ola 14

Hands-down one of my all-time favorite spots on the island!

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