751. Pinda Herrrébé! Pinda Herrrébé!

Source: notisia360.com.

Source: notisia360.com.

Much like our black-eyed pea fritter, Kala, Pinda Herébé (Boiled Peanuts) are prepared by our female cultural beacons who then sell them in little plastic baggies on the street. If there’s pinda to be sold, you’ll certainly hear loud chanting “Pinda Herrrébé! Pinda Herrrébé! [Kala! Bolo!]” all over the island. But there are obviously exceptions to the rule:

A street snack staple in the US South as well, Pinda Herébé is an acquired, and eventually totally addicting, taste. A welcome high protein alternative to fried snacks (I’m craving some right now) The recipe is easy: harvest peanuts for approx. 90 days, boil raw peanuts in salted water until their shells turn dark and soggy and the peanuts take on a fresh, legume flavor. Frequent ‘tasting’ during boiling is key to perfecting consistency. Salt lovers should suck on the shells for a little high (the peanuts themselves aren’t very salty).

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