714. Gourmet Caribbean Food

The Brooklyn Glutton says it’s “unquestionably the culinary jewel of Curaçao” (…) “reason enough to travel to Curaçao”.… and many TripAdvisor reviewers agree.

Landhuis Misje. Source: tripadvisor.co.uk.

Landhuis Misje. Source: tripadvisor.co.uk.

A happy marriage between the intimate Kunuku house and grandiose Dutch-Colonial plantation house, charming Landhuis Misjé was built in 1896 by “capataz” Shon Martina in the westernmost point (Westpunt) of Curaçao. The restaurant’s open kitchen barely fits into the little yellow house, so dining is casually alfresco, under starry lantern light, surrounded by aloe plants and cactus, or bo’i palu (under a tree). The caring servers will make you feel at home right away in that “mi casa es su casa” kind of way, so simply find your favorite picnic table, sit back and relax…

Landhuis Misjé Casual Dining menu and experience is the brainchild of the beautiful and talented Chef

(Former) Chef and Owner Graciela Real.

(Former) Chef and Owner Graciela Real.

Graciela Real, who grew up in the Dominican Republic as well as Curaçao and draws her influences from both islands. Most of the dishes consist of simple ingredients are simple, yet their flavors are sophisticated and bold. Chef Graciela moved to Aruba in mid-2012, but she has left her little culinary gem in the capable hands of Anton Cornelisse and the rest of the Cornelisse family, who’ve run The Wine Cellar restaurant in Punda to fine-dining perfection for over 30 years.

The Brooklyn Glutton writes: “small plates brought big flavor from the Island Style Bean Hummus (‘Pilon de Bonchi’) to the tender grilled Baby Back Ribs and two amazing tacos, one with garlicky Conch and another featuring Stewed Goat.  The crispy ‘Chiccharones,’ Fried Jerk Chicken with Yogurt Garlic Dip are a nod to Graciela’s Dominican heritage, and they are eaten almost like candy upon ripping open the paper bag in which they are served.  Seafood is treated delicately, with the respect one should have when preparing fish in such close proximity to the sea.  The ‘intense’ island Curry featuring local Red Snapper was intensely flavorful rather than intensely spicy, with perfectly cooked green beans, peppers and cabbage, exquisitely paired with a light Portuguese Vinho Verde…it is the perfect burst of flavorful happiness after a day at beach.  The menu kindly advises of the ‘Rabu,’ Misje’s signature Oxtail Stew, ‘must try before you die.’  We recommend that you heed their advice.”

Landhuis Misjé Casual Dining is guaranteed to leave you “barika yén, curazón kontentu”  (full belly, happy heart), so you’re more than welcome to enjoy a nightcap or dessert while reclining in one of their colorful hammocks.

Check out their full menu, more photos and additional information: www.landhuismisje.com

Open Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday and Saturday from 5 – 10 pm. Closed on Tuesdays and Sundays. Call to make reservations: (+5999) 525-6589. 

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