690. 7 Awesome Facts About Curaçao’s Flag

Curacao flag, now 29 years old.

Curacao flag, now 29 years old.

1. From 1954 – 1984 Curaçao would wave the [as of October 10 2010 dissolved] Netherlands Antilles flag on official occasions, but in 1981 Curaçao determined that it would be stronger – more patriotic – as an island constituent of the Netherlands Antilles (at that time consisting of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, St. Maarten St. Eustasius, Saba) if it had its own flag.

2. A special Flag Committee was appointed to evaluate as many as 1,700 design submissions… approximately 1-2% of the population submitted a design!

3. The winning designer, Martin Den Dulk, was 18 years old at the time.

4. Curaçao’s flag was unveiled (‘born’) on July 2 1984, our first ever flag day.

5. From top-to-bottom Den Dulk’s design is:  3 horizontal sections – blue, yellow, blue – at a height ratio of 5:1:2. Two stars in the upper left corner: the large star has a diameter of ⅙ the height of the flag, the small star has a diameter of 2/9 the height of the flag.

6.  Colors are ultramarine (Pantone 280), lemon yellow (Pantone 102), and white. The top section represents the sky, whereas the bottom section represents the sea. Blue symbolizes loyalty and the lemon yellow stripe symbolizes our bright sun and cheerful disposition.

7. The large star represents Curaçao, the small star Klein Curaçao (Little Curaçao). The five points symbolize the 5 continents from which most yu di Kòrsou hail. Stars represent trust and hope; the color white symbolizes peace and happiness.

Source: "Vlag Wapen en Volkslied van het eilandgebied Curacao" (2 Juli 1984)

Source: “Vlag Wapen en Volkslied van het eilandgebied Curacao” (2 Juli 1984)

Photo by Roger Gibbs.

Photo by Roger Gibbs.

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