571. Accidentally Wes Anderson

What do the Kibo huts on the Marangu route to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Great Market Hall in Budapest, Olympic National Park in Washington state and Klein Curaçao’s pink lighthouse have in common? They’re all featured in Wally Koval and wife Amanda’s Accidentally Wes Anderson, a charming, whimsical tribute to Anderson’s idiosyncratic aesthetic.

Director/Producer/Screenwriter/Actor Wes Anderson has been making movies since 1994 (including Rushmore, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) and their looks — from costumes to color palette — from sets to signage — have become increasingly stylized so much so that the Kovals were able to crowdsource an Instagram account of “Accidentally” photo submissions from all over the world which now has over 1 million followers.

Every shot is nostalgic and exotic and tends to include symmetrical steeples, lighthouses, theaters, wedding-cake hotels, outdated technology and the color pink.

The book is intended to bring a bit of lighthearted joy and enjoyment to people’s lives, an especially timely goal given the political, social, and public health crises that have dominated much of 2020. A little bit of inspiration, maybe for travel or just a quick escape. Or maybe just a quick moment of delight.

Special thanks to Buffalo, NY photographer Jeffrey Czum (IG @jeffreyczum) for his two awesome Curaçao “Accidentally” submissions which are currently displayed in a pop-up store (326 Bleecker St.)

Handelskade, Punda in Curaçao.
Lighthouse, Klein Curaçao.

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I'm Carolina Gomes-Casseres, the creator of 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao. I live in Manhattan but sometimes miss my first awesome island. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Clark Gomes Casseres

    It’s a small world, ain’t it?

  2. Love this man’s work and all of its existential emptiness. So here, so now in many ways. Such amazing work and so cool to have our little rock play a role in its aesthetics ❤️

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