901. Curaçao’s Warawara

Photo by Kimberley Douglas.

Haiku in Papiamentu

Pa warawara

karni fresku o stinki

tur ta pa kome.

To the bird of prey

fresh or putrid meat —

are  all sustenance.

By Elis Juliana

Ora buriku muri, ta warawara ta hasi fiesta

(When the donkey dies, the bird of prey celebrates)

De één zijn dood is de ander zijn brood

One man’s breath, another’s death

Warawara tin miedu di gai; e ta tuma vengansa riba puitu

(The bird of prey is afraid of the cock, so he takes it out on the chick)

Ora galinja ta kontentu, warawara ta kome su yu

(When the hen is happy, the bird of prey gobbles up her chick)

When the cup of happiness overflows, disaster ensues

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I'm Carolina Gomes-Casseres, the creator of 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao. I live in Manhattan but sometimes miss my first awesome island. Thanks for visiting!

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