885. Randy Leroy’s “Ritmo Kombina”

Popular in Curaçao and the Netherlands for repeatedly scoring the #1 spot on the radio, Randy Leroy Cordelia (29) is currently hard at work on his international solo career — performing in Miami with several Top Stop Music colleagues; Prince Royce, Toby Love en Luis Enrique.

Credit: Meridith Kohut for The New York Times.

Randy started his career as a singer at 14 years old, performing in several bands, mainly playing Ritmo Kombina (literally, combined rhythms) a combination of Latin and African music — with Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Pop, Zouk and R&B from around the world mixed-in. Ritmo bands consist of a few singers, horn players, a drummer, a timbalero and piano, sax, bass and conga players. Dancing Ritmo involves precious little footwork… and plenty of “menjamentu” (pelvic grinding)

Randy left Curaçao at 20 years old to study in the Netherlands. He joined an extremely popular band among the ABC island population (Caché Deluxe) and kept performing. They stumbled upon some big hits by combining Ritmo with R&B (Or’e lus a paga (When the lights go out) and Kroel, hasi dushi (Lets cuddle))

Randy has a great voice and *serious* dance moves — incredible stage presence built throughout years of performing in front of large (festival) audiences and opening for big artists such as Oscar de Leon, Kassav, Aventura and El Canario.

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  1. yvette brandt-lesire

    Very soft, caressing voice.

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