886. Majestic Makuaku

‘Makuaku’ (Frigate birds) are seabirds also known as ‘Man of War’ or Pirate birds. They have long wings, deeply forked tails and hooked bills. Male Makuakus are pitch black, except for their bright red throat pouch, that swells up in October to signal mating (season)… Female Makuakus are far more subdued with their feathered white breasts, resembling a tuxedo.

Yvette loves to unwind at Saint Joris Bay and spend quality time with her family; they particularly enjoy taking their boat out to visit the majestic Makuakus who live out on the Isla di Makuaku…


Makuaku di Kòrsou,

Sintá riba mi taki seku di mondi

Na rand di laman mi ta warda e boto di piskadó pasa.

Mi ta lanta habri mi halanan hanchu pretu

pa mi goza di pida ko’i kome ku mi amigunan piskadó

ta laga, e kai kai di piská ku ta kai patras di nan boto!

Band’i atardi nos ta bolbe kas

haltu den laira nos ta bula trankilo, barika jen.

pa pasa nochi riba nos Isla di Makuaku, den bahía di St. Joris.


Makuaku of Curaçao

Sitting on a dry branch on the edge of sea,

waiting for the fishermen to pass by.

I rise up and widen my large black wings and fly

to enjoy leftovers from my friends the fishermen

fallen fish intestines that float behind their boats!

In the evening we set for home

peacefully soaring high up in the sky, bellies full and content

back to our Makuaku Island, in the bosom of Saint Joris.

Poem by Yvette Brandt-Lesire

About 1000awesomethingsaboutcuracao

I'm Carolina Gomes-Casseres, the creator of 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao. I live in Manhattan but sometimes miss my first awesome island. Thanks for visiting!


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