847. Curaçao’s Enviro-Sculptor Yubi Kirindongo

Mother of Culture by Yubi Kirindongo.

Famous for his shiny metal sculptures designed from discarded car parts (bumpers, hub caps, fenders, tires, etc), it all started 36 years ago, “someone was throwing away his bumper, so I decided to make it into a fence [gateway]. While setting it up, the bumper pieces fell to the ground [and I saw a shape]. Then I learned how to weld. And that’s how I started with bumper art.” – Yubi Kirindongo

“Where others may see debris and destruction, apathy and abandon, Kirindongo sees the potential for brilliant bursts of creativity.”

– Jennifer van der Kwast (Curaçao, Banda Bou book 2012)

“Yubi is a very important artist as it relates to Curaçao’s artistic development. He’s a modest country boy, a self-taught artist. He participates in many international exhibits [Cuba, South Africa, Brazil, New York, Amsterdam] and introduces our art. And our name”

– Lusette Verboom (Kas di Alma Blou)

Mother and Child by Yubi Kirindongo.

“Sometimes people ask, what do you do? What do you offer? [I say] Art. We export art. We export ideas.” 

Yubi Kirindongo

Yubi’s style is quintessential Curaçao (indigenous animals and masks) with a clear opinion… about pollution. Waste. Dependency. Ingenious.

Quotes taken from this beautiful Radio Netherlands Worldwide interview in Papiamentu.

Visit his spectacular home / studio / art gallery “Museo den Bario Yubi Kirindongo” in Ser’i Kandela, Kaya A 390 to see his brilliant work up close and personal. (Call to schedule and appointment: 869-3268.)

Equus by Yubi Kirindongo.

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