Kim’s Awesome Day for under $20 (NAf 35)

6 am: Wake up. Make sandwich. Fill bottle with ice cold water. Grab apple. Pack bag with bikini (trunks), beach towel, sneakers.

6:30 am:  Blast Reggaeton and Latin during (1 hr) drive to Christoffel Park

7:30 am: Hike Christoffel Berg (Mount Christoffel). Sweat, blow off steam, meditate on interesting geological formations, lichens, beard moss, bromeliads and orchids along the way.

Entrance fee varies – local: $4 / tourist: $12. (Hint: go with a local or pretend to be one!).

9 am: Cliff hang for the last 50-100 feet or so.

9:15 am: Enjoy spectacular views from the highest point (1,292 feet) of the island! Chill out. Fool around. Breathe. Dream. Imagine. Breathe some more.

Photo by Kimberley Douglas.

10 am: Head back. Easy, breezy.

11 am: Drive to Playa Forti (15 mins).Take off ALL your sweaty clothes. Jump off the cliff into the prettiest water you’ll ever see.

Swim. Jump off the cliff once more.

Photo by Kimberley Douglas.

noon: Enjoy a typical Curacao BBQ (Sperribs!) at the shack across the street from Playa Forti. (In front of the church.) $6

2 pm: Drive to the best beach on the island Groot Knip digest your big lunch. Enjoy an ice cold Polar beer on the beach. $1.50. (Have a few if you pretended to be a local at Christoffel)

Relax. Lie in soft white sand.

Swim. Snorkel. Jump off cliffs. Relax. Fool around. Play a few games of dominoes. Trash talk. Drink more beer. Swim in the best water in the world.

Wallie. Photo by Kimberley Douglas.

5 pm: Drive back. Stop at Wallie’s for fresh coconut water (if you ask nicely he’ll even open the coconut for you so you can enjoy the fruit itself,  lepla) $1.50

6 pm: Stop by Daniel Soda Fountain for a pastechi and another beer, if you’re not driving. $3-4

7 pm: Drive to the Marie Pampoen. Park near the beach by the wooden fishing boats. Meditate on the awesome sunset.

Photo by Allesandra Agurcia.

9 pm: Pass out. (you’ll be too tired to go out dancing)

Total cost depends on Christoffel Park entrance fee and your beer consumption. (You can definitely enjoy Kim’s awesome day for under $20 if she takes you, just ask nicely! )

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I'm Carolina Gomes-Casseres, the creator of 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao. I live in Manhattan but sometimes miss my first awesome island. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Dav

    what about the cost of the car and fuel? Bit more expensive than 20 dollars ey

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