821. Curaçao Artist Evelien Sipkes

aloe_vera_400x371The veins of a leaf. The strings of a carrot. The tubes of a coral. The freakish way a tree can grow. Transitions… Fragility and vulnerability…  The feather in a bird’s skin. The hard carcass of a lobster on top of sinewy membranes. The passage of time that wilts organic material and the permanence of centuries’ old rock formations.

Evelien Sipkes.

Evelien Sipkes. Photo courtesy of Events Curacao.

Local artist Evelien Sipkes “(can’t) resist the temptation of stealing from nature”, she’s captivated by its ordered chaos (and 13th century Italian mathematician / physicist Fibonacci has a special place in her heart.)

Evelien relies on the very objects of her inspiration in creating her jewelry and home decor. “Nature’s gifts”, as she likes to refer to them, sea shells, corals, calabash, dried leaves, seeds, bark, sea glass, etc.

Originally from The Netherlands, Evelien lives in Bandabou’s Pannekoek area, surrounded by cacti and red volcanic sand and rock formations, the equatorial sun, the breezy “noord-oost passaat”, easily accessible underwater world filled with colorful fish, shells, corals, “the older I get, the happier I am!”

“Sometimes I have a design in my mind and I start to make it but my best pieces make themselves; they are ‘born’. That is when I am one with nature and my mood is in perfect balance” she says.

Evelien offers guided tours, demonstrations, and mini-workshops combined with lunch, high tea or an evening happy hour at her home gallery. We hear she’s a great cook! Appointments must be scheduled ahead of time, please visit her website for more information.

Source: Wolfert, Sinaya R. and Breukink, Eva. Artists from Curaçao. Curaçao, 2007.

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  1. Sadaf Aamir

    Hi I am ceramic artists I like your work I want join you but l stay in dubai if you have online workshop please let me know .Regards Sadaf Aamir

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