762. Dushi Dates

Standup Paddleboard with your favorite dushi through Curaçao’s mangrove-covered Tunnel of Love… Stay a while… no one’s watching!

Source: supcuracao.com.

Source: supcuracao.com.

Let Captain Goodlife Obersi take you and your dushi to our stunning Blue Room… He can also drop you off at our secluded Love Beach. Maybe pack a bottle of cold champagne…

Source: coralreefphotos.com

Source: coralreefphotos.com

Hike Christoffelberg and (sort of) join the Mile High club, sweaty-dirty style 1,292 feet up in the air! Don’t worry, there are plenty of bushes at the top… and the views are worth it. Pretend to be on The Bachelorette and swim with Romeo, Pasku, Deedee, Kayena, Tikal at our Dolphin Academy… I promise you’ll feel loved for years to come! Maybe also take a Champagne Sunset Cruise on Bounty Adventures’ Jonalisa to complete the experience.

Source: dosomethingdifferent.com

Source: dosomethingdifferent.com

Get a blissful couples massage on one of our amazing beaches to get you in that special mood…

… or let one of the hysterical twins at Twin Divers take you out for your first or 100th dive… You know what they say, the couple who dives together, stays together! (yep, I just made that up)

Our sunsets are always romantic and don’t cost a cent! And you can’t go wrong with delicious, home-cooked meals… Especially if they include Stobá, Keshi Yená or Bol’i Kashupete.

Sunset on the water (Curacao). Photo and caption by Bea Moedt.

Sunset on the water (Curacao). Photo and caption by Bea Moedt.

Fancy shmancy dinner at Bistro Le Clochard (stunning location at the mouth of Saint Anna Bay, watch the ships enter the harbor as you dip into heavenly cheese and chocolate fondue…) or take in the incredible view at Fort Nassau (warning: many couples have gotten engaged here, so try to be original, people)

Source: luxurydirectorycaribbean.com

Source: luxurydirectorycaribbean.com

Call me crazy, I prefer greasy street meat ku hopi sous, Nancy’s or Naoki’s truck’i pan (both on Sta. Rosa weg) Then drive off to ‘chill hill’ (my hill is for me to know and you to find out) maybe watch the sun rise together while listening to this set

Dushi yiuuuu!

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  1. Dianne

    Dushi yu.. 🙂 your posts are giving me heimwee. Wondering how that lady hiked up the Christoffelberg in her wedding gown..

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