735. Curaçao’s Obsession with Superstition

Asina Nan Di…

By Paul Hubert Franz Brenneker (‘Pader Brenneker’)

Nan di: No bari kas despues di seis’or di atardi.

Nan di: No kumpra nada na 50, ni na 13 tampoko, Djo libra!

Nan di: No duna un hende nada na 4, pasobra kuater ta bela.

Nan di: No kasa riba djamars, pasobra ta dia di malora; ni na luna di mei; ta fatal.

Nan di: No drenta kas padilanti i sali patras.

Nan di: No yama hende na su nòmber kristian; e no a muri ainda.

Nan di: Ni kima paña di hende bibu; ta su sodó.

Asina nan di…

Nan di tambe, ku tin mas loko pafó di Montekristu ku paden.

Source: “Morde Supla” (1977)

In English:

So They Say…

Translated by Carolina Gomes-Casseres and Elizabeth Edery (Winkel).

They say: Don’t sweep the floor after 6 pm.

They say: Don’t buy anything in 50s, or in 13s, God help you!

They say: Don’t give anything in 4s, because 4s [are candles to] mark the grave.

They say: Don’t wed on a Tuesday, that day is plagued; also stay away from the month of May.

They say: Don’t enter a house through the front door and leave through the back door.

They say: Don’t call a person by their full Christian name; they’re still alive.

They say: Don’t burn the clothes of the living, it’s their sweat you’re burning.

So they say…

They also say that there are more crazies outside of the mental hospital than inside.

Mural at Capriles Clinic.

Mural at Capriles Clinic.

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