723. The Flying Boy from Curaçao

Photo by Kevin Garrett / www.kevingarrett.com.

The Flying Boy… from Curacao!

This photo popped up in one of my routine Google searches a little under a year ago. Struck by its beauty, I immediately saved it down to my computer, neglecting to source it.

The colors and movement are (obviously) incredible: strong, athletic black super boy leaping over cerulean Curaçao water wearing bright red trunks. All energetic, unadulterated joy, unwavering self-confidence… He clearly knows how to have fun and overcome adversity.

This photo ‘feels’ like freedom to me so I decided to use it as profile picture when I debuted 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao‘s Facebook page back in September 2012.  One fan commented: “best photo ever” / local photographer Carlos Blaaker: “wauw what a nice photograph” (I fretted it might be his, but bit my tongue) / another fan said: “super photo”.

The ‘flying boy’ looks like the playful, light, awesome stories we all aspire to in our lives… and today the Google gods re-introduced me to his photographer! His name is Kevin Garrett and he’s a flying boy from rural South Georgia, who dreamed of traveling the world and managed to photograph his way around it.

Many photography awards later, Garrett believes that, “images and art can help re-frame life and change people’s outlooks. It can promote change in the way people view themselves and how they live in this world.” 

And guess which photo (of all the photos he has taken over the course of his award-winning career) he uses to illustrate his point?

The flying boy from Curaçao!


Here are some other awesome shots Garrett took while in Curaçao (featured in Coastal Living’s 8 Reasons to Visit Curaçao, February 2011)


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I'm Carolina Gomes-Casseres, the creator of 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao. I live in Manhattan but sometimes miss my first awesome island. Thanks for visiting!

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