724. Curaçao Street Artist Garrick Marchena

Special thanks to Natasha Chatlein, one of the organizers of ‘Curaçao Night in San Francisco’ at de Young Museum (May 17, 2013) for this post.  Don’t miss the event!

Artist Spotlight: Garrick Marchena
a.k.a the Civil Engineer slash Break Dancer turned Rebel Street Artist

Garrick Marchena and his Much'i Ser'i Trapi; a take on the popular children's song 'Don Pancho Pikaflor' (mural is located under the viaduct in Otrobanda)

Garrick Marchena and his Much’i Ser’i Trapi; a take on the popular children’s song ‘Don Pancho Pikaflor’ (mural is located under the viaduct in Otrobanda)

This inspiring and passionate artist has a penchant for obscure alleys and side streets, prettying up rough and unappealing street corners with amazing murals. (see #840: Confessions of a Curacao Street Artist)

Garrick studied Civil Engineering but his passion for design and art kept pulling at him. Feeling artistically stifled while working for the Curaçao Road Construction Company he decided to do something about it and entered himself in the “Into the Caribbean” art competition (2008) at Morena Resort where he drew his first ever mural. “A huge and intimidating undertaking,” says Garrick. He overcame the intimidation by applying Dru Blair’s Color Theory which he learned in 2005 from the Color Theory master himself. He was beside himself when he saw the results.

Garrick is inspired by Curaçao folklore and our unique landscapes, which he incorporates in his paintings. He is also a master at Trompe L’oeils, such as the one he painted at the Tula Museum. His favorite subjects to draw however are eyes and faces. “I want to capture the soul in the eyes, expressions, what someone radiates from the inside out, in my paintings,” says Garrick.

Before each painting, this Rebel Artist, as we now endearingly call him, studies the subject in depth, taking weeks, sometimes even years to get down to the nitty gritty and accurately portray not only the subject at hand but also capture the essence, the period, the emotions that accompany it. Now that’s some dedication! Big up to our other Curaçao greats who were of great influence on Garrick’s art: Papia Adriana and Ompi Ellis.

Trompe L’oeil at Museo Tula.

Trompe L’oeil at Museo Tula.

Garrick will attempt his first oil painting this year, which is a huge surprise, we can’t wait!

'Angelito Negro' is Garrick's gift to Hanchi Punda.

‘Angelito Negro’ is Garrick’s gift to Hanchi Punda.

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