707. E is for Ee-eh!

‘Borrowed’ from Expat-Writer-in-Curaçao Guilie Castillo Oriard’s AWESOME blog post:

E is for Ee-eh!



What does it convey? Surprise. Dismay. Amazement. Shock.

Ee-eh! That's a big-ass ship.

Ee-eh! That’s a big-ass ship.

Depending on the situation, it might be used positively–or very, very negatively.

If I tell you I won the lottery and now have fifteen-point-six million euros in my account, you would say…


Say you hear some juicy gossip, something along the lines of, “That guy, the pillar of the community that has three kids and the supermodel wife–know him? Well, my friend Nico saw him at a gay bar last night. And no, he wasn’t just having a drink.” Your response–verbal or otherwise–would be…


Ee-eh! can be quite eloquent.

Ee-eh! can be quite eloquent.

You’re getting out of your car with two bags of groceries, you drop one, all those cans roll every which way on the sidewalk and into the street, you’d curse yourself with a not-quite-silent Ee-eh!

You arrive at your hotel and find that you’ve been upgraded. To the Presidential Suite. For free. Ee-ehThen at check-out you discover that “free” upgrade wasn’t so free after all. Eeeee-eh!

You get the point.

Feel like sharing any Ee-eh! situations of your own? Would love to hear ’em.


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  1. So flattered you liked my Curaçao posts enough to share, Carolina! Thanks so much!

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