647. Curaçao Street Art

Urban adventurer extraordinaire Leslie Koch, founder of Downtown Traveler and frequent blogger, is not afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone and her blog is perfect for people who seek offbeat travel destinations, snap photos of street art on their iPhones, don’t shy away from visiting local art galleries, hike obscure trails, sample exotic food… in short, people who are game for adventure wherever they go. Lucky for Curaçao, Leslie has decided to zoom in and peel the layers of Curaçao’s relatively pristine (and therefore) over-marketed façade and try to understand some of the multilingual, deeply rooted messages written on its walls. 

Source: www.benchmarkresortsandhotels.com.

Aerial view of Punda. Source: http://www.benchmarkresortsandhotels.com.

'Downtown Traveler' Leslie Koch (befuddled?) in Curacao.

‘Downtown Traveler’ Leslie Koch (befuddled?) in Curacao.

Leslie writes: “A walk through the colonial city of Willemstad reveals colorful murals and public art installations with political – and erotic – themes. This clean and orderly country seems to have embraced artistic expression; even public service announcements and barber shop advertisements are painted by hand on its pastel walls.” 

Leslie’s thoughtful, culturally sensitive and genuinely curious perspective feels like a bear hug… and a breath of awesome (marketing) air to me.

Please visit Leslie’s post: Caribbean art: 25 photos of colorful street art in Curacao and show some love!

Here are some of my favorites,



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