616. Baz Dreisinger’s “Curaçao After Dark / With Curaçao’s Music You Can Hear The Cultural Mix” in the New York Times

Folks, please meet Baz Dreisinger. She may or may not have inspired this website.

Baz Dreisinger.

Baz Dreisinger. Photo source: johnjay.jjay.cuny.edu.

Baz isn’t from Curaçao; she lives in New York City. She spent a short week in Curaçao, like most tourists. But Baz isn’t like most tourists: she moonlights as a journalist and ‘Caribbean culture’ junkie and happens to have written one of my all-time favorite pieces about Curaçao.

Baz was published by the New York Times’ Travel section: Curaçao After Dark / With Curaçao’s Music You Can Hear The Cultural Mix with good reason. She describes Curaçao’s diverse people through their music affinities and likens Curaçao to a “Musical Tower of Babel”… I think Baz’ insight is particularly remarkable when she notes that though “all music is fundamentally fusion — especially the music of post-colonial cultures… in Curaçao that hybrid feels particularly alive, as if you can feel the culture Creolizing by the minute.”

The soundtrack: a mix of English, Spanish, hip-hop argot, Jamaican patois, Portuguese — or was that Papiamentu, Curaçao’s native Creole? [Definitely Papiamentu!] Beats evoked Puerto Rico, Holland, Brazil, the Jersey Shore. Just when I felt primed to classify, the rhythm morphed and the language veered off to another continent (…) Within minutes, a man in his 40s wearing a baby-blue guayabera [Mexican Wedding Shirt popular throughout Central America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and throughout Africa] weaved through the crowd, took the stage with a six-piece band and transformed the scene from fist-pumping to grown-and-sexy. The cadence was slow, the dance intimate — a beguiling groove reminiscent of Haitian zouk. All these tempos, on one small island, in a single night? Never mind a hangover; I had a severe case of aural vertigo.”

That’s where the beaches come in! 🙂

Visit http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/18/travel/with-curacaos-music-you-can-hear-the-cultural-mix.html to read Baz’ awesome 3-page article.

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