567. Writer and Actress Diana Lebacs

Illustrious Curaçao writer and actress Diana Lebacs (74) passed away on Monday, July 11, 2022. Unfortunately I did not get an opportunity to interview her for this website. I do have fond memories of reading her popular children’s books (Sherry, het begin van een begin (1971), Nancho van Bonaire (1975) and Suikerriet Rosy (1983)). Here’s a more in-depth obituary courtesy of Caraibisch Uitzicht.

As I googled Diana Lebacs’ life story, I landed upon a heartfelt obituary she wrote for her mentor [acclaimed children’s book writer] Miep Diekmann in 2017. Miep Diekmann wrote several children’s books inspired by her early life in Curaçao (De boten van Brakkeput (1956), Padu is gek (1957) and De dagen van Olim (1971)). In 1956, she won the Dutch Best Children’s Book Award for De boten van Brakkeput.

Diana Lebacs wrote: ‘Nobody creates you. You create yourself after receiving a blessing from your mentor. Everything in life has a beginning and an end. (…) Thank you for teaching me and trusting me with the craft, Miep. Rest in peace.”

Source: https://werkgroepcaraibischeletteren.nl/de-zegen-van-je-leermeester/. Top right Diana Lebacs and Miep Diekmann, bottom left Miep Diekmann’s edits for ‘Nancho van Bonaire’.

Rest in peace, Diana.

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  1. nevahassang

    Thanks for honoring our artists and preserving our history. Documenting is key to our cultural legacy which too often is lost and forgotten. Masha danki!

  2. Thank you for sharing, we wil miss her!

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


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