801. Curaçao Stewed Beef

Yaki recently shared his famous Stobá recipe with Tasha and Patricia and they absolutely loved it… Even served it at their New Year’s celebrations in Holland. Dana says,  “let mi bisa you iets Yaki’s stobá is MASTER!” So we absolutely had to share Yaki’s recipe so you could see (and taste!) for yourselves… Enjoy!


Meat: 1,000 gr sukadelappen. For “ropey – stringy” beef use: jodenhaas or longhaas (= onglet)

Onions: 3-4 big ones

Vleestomaat: 2x

Bleekselderij: 5-6 stengels

Winterpeen: ½

Canned whole peeled tomatoes: 2 cans

Lamoenchi 2x

Garlic: approx. 2 cloves

Ketjap manis (marka: A1 or Ketjap Medja from Perusahan)

Maggi: the good old traditional one!

Mustard: American Mustard but marka French’s (bo mes sa)

Adobo: marka Goya, onion powder will do too if you ran out of the Adobo.

Awel bon, ban kuminsa: You have to cook with passion and not with measurements. However, details do count!

Marinate the beef with 1 or 2 lamoechies (it turns brown after a while). Crush the garlic onto the beef. Add Ketjap. Now don’t ask how much, add till you see all the beef has been covered. Approx 4-5 tablespoons will do. Add Maggi: at least 3 tablespoons. Add some mustard: approx 1 tablespoon. Sprinkle some Adobo and if you don’t have it, use some onion powder. Mix it well. OK: now the beef is marinated!

If you have time let it marinate in the frishidèrè overnight, if not: 2-3 hours is OK too.

Use a big panchi: melt some butter and fry the beef till it’s nice and brown. You will need to fry it in batches as it won’t all fit in once. Add the beef to a big-ass pot. Use butter every time you fry a new batch of beef.

Fry all the veggies (after cutting them in any desired way) exclude the tomatoes (they come in later). Add some Maggi while frying.

Add the veggies to the big-ass pot (in which you’ve placed the beef ). Now add 1-2 cans of whole peeled tomatoes (after dicing it). Stir! Enjoy the immature smell of the stobá.

Add some Ketchup (marka: Heinz, Hunt’s will do too): approx. 1 or 2 generous squeezes.

If you want people to love your stobá and talk about it the coming year: add a hint of MSG (= ajinomoto = vet sing = monosodium glutamte).

Add the vleestomaten (diced) and Stir!

Now let it simmer with the tapa on the pot for about 1.5-2 hours. Now you may shift the tapa so that the steam may come out a bit, and let it simmer like that for another 1.5 to 2 hours.

Stir occasionally.

Serve the stobá on bread or with white rice (marka Uncle Ben’s) add some pika!


Source: antilliaans-eten.nl

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  1. Christl

    I’m getting hungry!

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