766. Curaçao’s Proverbial Cats

Curaçao’s imagination runs wild when it comes to cats. In fact, we have over 90 (!) proverbs related to pushi (cats) and only 60 or so related to kachó (dogs). Check out Grupo Premium – Caché’s ‘proverbial cats’ in the 2013 Carnival parade.

Als de kat van huis is...

Als de kat van huis is dansen de muizen op tafel (Dutch) = When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

No tira pushi riba kachó = [Don’t throw the cat on the dog] = Don’t add fuel to the fire.


Anochi tur pushi ta pretu = [All cats are black at night] = All women are pretty in the dark.

Pushi den Karnaval 1

No konfia pushi serka piská = [Don’t trust the cat with the fish] = Don’t send a cat for lard / An open door may tempt a saint / Set the fox to keep the geese.

Pushi sin rabu no sa kuwe raton = [A tail-less cat can’t hunt mice] = Without Herb-John, no good pottage.

Pushi den Karnaval 3

Pushi chikitu tambe sa nister = [Kitties also sneeze] = Little pitchers have great ears.

Source: Hendrikse-Rigaud, Renée. 2000 Proverbio i ekspreshon Spreekwoorden en gezegden ProverbsCuraçao, 1994.

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