671. Curaçao’s heART

Valerie Parisius / valerieparisius.com/me-about.

Valerie Parisius / valerieparisius.com/me-about.

Born and raised in Curaçao, Valerie Parisius now travels the world discovering beautiful sights and interesting people. Along the way she keeps a diary of her drawings. Her work is so awesome that she was recently awarded the Top Talent Award from CitizenTV, a social media video community where passionate folks from all over the world share and find videos, source funding, and collaborate. Valerie draws inspiration from her travels and shares her view of the world by way of paintings — printed on postcards, pillowcases, book and iPhone covers etc. Valerie also designs, creates and sells her own line of jewelry (check out her Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/valerieparis) and she runs her own platform for voicing the inspirations of other traveling artists: Art is Travel (http://valerieparisius.com/artistravel). Check out her award-winning video “Follow your heART”: http://www.citizen.tv/follow-your-heart-s5PSp12uRG.html

Valerie is currently in Curaçao, a familiar pit-stop on her way to Latin America. Having moved to the Netherlands 15 years ago, then traveled through South East Asia for the past 2 years, Valerie is able to view the island of her youth with a fresh pair of adult eyes. Eyes that have seen and experienced different parts of the world. And she’s able to apply a global filter to her familiar experiences.

She’s finding herself in a fortunate position — a position that allows her to heal the beloved place on earth that holds her belly button, safe in her soil and one that allows her to draw healing from that very soil (all this I gather from her beautiful blog: http://valerieparisius.com/blog/)

Perhaps we heal ourselves by trying to heal others?

Food for thought.

Valerie, giving back to Curaçao:

1. Valerie is “Pimping Curaçao Neighborhoods” 

Valerie has partnered with the super awesome ‘paintbrush gangsta’ Garrick Marchena in launching the project “Drecha bo barrio” (Pimp Your Neighborhood) Their goal is to bring art to kids in neighborhoods that could use some “color”. This past weekend they brought color to Otrobanda by creating a mural for kids, by kids and giving an old dilapidated building some new perspective. 10-15 neighborhood kids were able to experience the joy of creating and take a lot of pride in their creation… and in their neighborhood. Valerie writes: “We worked hard for two days in the burning sun even forgetting to get lunch or dinner but the rewards were big. It was amazing to see how happy the children were to participate and how they embraced us from the start calling us Tio and Tia. They entertained us with acrobatics, an acting performance and dance.” More photos of this awesome project on her beautiful blog: http://valerieparisius.com/blog/2013/8/12/pimp-your-neighborhood

2. Valerie has painted 10 meters of canvas – in 24 hours! – as part of Curaçao breaking the world record for the longest painting

Valerie writes: “I’m honored to have been one of the 50 artists from all over the world to participate in Curacao’s worlds longest painting. Apart from the attempt to break a world record of 2 km with the community, all artists get 10 meters (!) of fabric each. The proceeds of the painting goes to founding an art academy in Curacao. I was really emotional today during a radio interview with the other artists as they were explaining their motivation to participate. Their disbelief with the fact that Curacao doesn’t have it’s own art academy for the youth to express themselves through visual arts, music, dance and the importance of culture for a country made them reach out, out of solidarity. I’m understanding my own pain growing up and not seeing art as something valuable and I’m amazed at how the Universe has guided me to be part of this change.” More photos of this awesome project on her beautiful blog: http://valerieparisius.com/blog/2013/7/21/curacaos-worlds-longest-painting

Curaçao, giving back to Valerie:

1. Valerie recharges her batteries at Ubuntu, Geraldine’s awesome health and wellness center. 

“Geraldine runs her center with a lot of love and passion for cooking. I tried one of her delicious soups which was a great success and she facilitates Laughter yogaintuitive vegetarian cooking classes andoffers healing treatments and massages. At her famous movie night we watched a great movie , I AM,  while Geraldine catered for healthy delicious snacks, Carrot colada (the healthy version of pina colada with carrots) , her own mix of herbal teas with a yummy cake. I also had the chance to do a Dance Therapy class with Fara Coffi at Ubuntu and I really felt amazing during and after class. I’m definitely going back every week during my stay in Curaçao.”

2. Valerie draws inspiration from the shade and whispering leaves of the 800 year-old Pal’i Kapok at Hofi Pastor

3. Valerie draws tranquility and mindfulness from the predictable turbulence of waves crashing against our rocky shore at Shete (7) Boka National Park

Boka Pistol. Photo by Valerie Parisius.

Boka Pistol. Photo by Valerie Parisius.

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  1. Ki orguyoso bo ta lagami sinti di ta otro bon yui di Korsou. No solamente ku palabra pero ku hechos.

  2. Otro bon manera scientifiko pa promote nos Korsou.

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