636. PPPPPapiamentu

Here are some of 1000 Awesome Things about Curaçao‘s Facebook fans’ favorite Papiamentu words that start with the letter ‘P’:

pèkèpèkè = sticky

palu = wood, tree, pole, lumber

palufriu (literally: cold stick) = posicle

pishiporko (pron. peesheeporko, literally: ‘pig’s pee’) = filefish, triggerfish

pishiporko (pron. peesheeporko, literally: ‘pig’s pee’) = filefish, triggerfish.

pimpilinchi (pron. peempeeleenchee) = (tiny) penis

prenda = jewel, gem, darling

patapata = soused, crocked, packed full

pompa = nag, bug (relentlessly)

pèmpers = all diapers, regardless of brand

pantomina (pron. pantomeena) = pantomime

patía = watermelon

pegapega = gecko

plèstik = plastic

pulushi (pron. poolooshee) = blaming, fault finding

purunchi (pron. pooroonchee) = freckle, speck, dot also grasyby, coney (fish)

papurèshi (or popurèshi) = ice-cream cone

pegasaya (literally, 'stick to skirt') = sandbur.

pegasaya (literally, ‘stick to skirt’) = sandbur.

pruga / purga = flea  

prugashi / purgashi (pron. proogashee)  = purgative, purge

prikichi (pron. pree-kee-chee) = parakeet

prèkè = safety pin

shi (pron. pèshee)  = pimple

pènti = panty / pèntihose = pantyhose

pèchèpèchè/pòchòpòchò/pòdòpòdò = muddy, mucky, soggy

payaso = clown

pushi (pron. pooshee) = cat

perturbá = perturb

pátaka = iota, mite / ni un pátaka = not one iota

primu, prima, primi, primími (pron. preemu, preema, preemee, preemeemee) = (male) cousin, (female) cousin), squeeze, squeeze me

Feel free to add your favorite Papiamentu words starting with the letter ‘P’ in the comments! 

About 1000awesomethingsaboutcuracao

I'm Carolina Gomes-Casseres, the creator of 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao. I live in Manhattan but sometimes miss my first awesome island. Thanks for visiting!

One comment

  1. l.cheis-marugg

    ta hole pablitu= it stinks(when somebody lets out a wind)
    mucha pete= naive child

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