794. Festival di Tumba 2013


Hendrik de Windt in 2008.

The Tumba replaced the Calypso as our Carnival anthem in 1971. Closely linked to our indigenous Tambú, Tumba dance was previously considered inappropriate (and before 1954, illegal!). How times have changed… 60 participants are currently competing for the title of ‘Rei or Reina di Tumba 2013’ in our annual 4-day FESTIVAL DI TUMBA and let me tell you, the competition is f-i-e-r-c-e!


Festival di Tumba.

Truly great Tumbas compel you to swing your hips, hands in the air, scratch your head in amazement… Bold lyrics air rumors, social grievances, political frustrations, pearls of wisdom, moral obligation… all in double, and sometimes, triple entendre.

And 2013’s Tumbas sound very promising !

Ritzel ‘Grandi’ Godfried’s tongue is loose (‘Mi lenga a lòs’) and Edsel Juliet is very swollen (‘Hinchá hinchá’). Djuric ‘Dju Dju V’ Virginie has his eye on you (‘Tin wowo riba bo’)… Furgell Wijngaarden invites you to enter (‘Kana bo drenta’)

Germain ‘3G’ Genaro’s honesty is refreshing: the tighter, the more he enjoys it. (‘Mas kos pèrta, mas mi ta gosa’).

Legendary 8 time Rei di Tumba, Boy Dap!

8 time Rei di Tumba, Boy Dap!

Eugene Doran is ready to get it up (‘Para p’é’) and Wilfred Clotida wants to grab it right now (‘Kue tene’). Ramphis ‘Remy Joss’ Schoobaar is keeping his head up (‘Kabes Ariba’) and Elvisson Doran wants to cuddle until dawn (‘Kremenché te manisé’). Darwin Gregg is ready to give you mouth-to-mouth (‘Di boka pa boka’). While Jersey ‘El Principe’ Isenia warns us: it’s big and colossal (‘E ta grandi i kolosal’).

Good luck… May the best Tumba win!

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