785. Curaçao’s Obsession with Dutch Royalty

Dutch Royal Family visits Aruba

Queen Beatrix visiting Curacao.

Our fine boss lady, Queen Beatrix (75), just announced that she’ll be abdicating the throne after 33 years… ending 123 years of female throne domination… just so my childhood crush, Prince Willem Alexander, can become King on Koninginnedag (world famous Queens Day) April 30 2013. AND — mark your calendars: we’ll be celebrating our *first-ever* Koningsdag (King’s Day) on Saturday, April 26, 2014.

King’s Day will be celebrated on April 27 of each year, a day earlier, if the date falls on a Sunday. So no more Queensday, ya hear?

Prince Willem Alexander and Queen Beatrix.

Prince Willem Alexander and Queen Beatrix.

The House of Oranje-Nassau has been an independent monarchy since March 16, 1815, initially led by Willem I, II and III (1815 – 1890)… Eldest born of King Willem III and Queen Emma, Wilhelmina (named after pops, obv), came to the throne when her father passed away in 1890. She was only 10 years old at the time so her mother, Queen Emma, acted as regent until Wilhelmina turned 18.  Queen Wilhelmina’s eldest born, Juliana, ascended the throne in 1948 and she was succeeded by her eldest born, Beatrix, in 1980.

Most of us are extremely thankful for our awesome Dutch passports,  education, legal system, progressive taxes, soccer team and so on. Personally, I’m also very thankful for Gouda, kroketten, bitterballen, drop, Amstel / Amstel Bright, New Year’s Day at Zanzibar, poffertjes, Governeur Kikkert, Maarten Schakel, oliebollen, Amsterdam (like, in general), stroopwafels, etc (just keep checking this website!)

Accordingly many really important and awesome ‘things’ evoke our collective love, respect and appreciation for our Queen(s) and Motherland:

1. Our Money

2. Our Infrastructure

3. Our Health(care)

Botica Juliana (Juliana Pharmacy)

Botica Juliana (Juliana Pharmacy)

4. Our Recreation

5. Our residential maze that is Julianadorp and Emmastad (including Emmalaan, Julianalaan, Wilhelminalaan, Oranje Nassau Laan, Beatrix Plein, etc)

Good thing we’ve already named our Capital after our new

King Willem (Alexander)! 



Now… can we please name something awesome after Princess / Queen Máxima?

Princess Máxima greeting our National Hero; Olympic track star Churandy Martina.

Princess Máxima greeting our National Hero; Olympic track star Churandy Martina.

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  1. Christl

    I named my youngest daughter Emma Wilhelmina!

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